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Safety Laws

smoke vent laws

A smoke ventilation system can only protect and potentially save people from a fire if the system is actually in proper working order. This means that your system should be kept in perfect condition otherwise it is useless having one. It is also a legal obligation under the Regulatory Reform Order of 2005.

The Regulatory Reform Order of 2005 states that in terms of maintaining your ventilation system that a suitable procedure of maintenance should be carried out to ensure that the system is in excellent working order. It also states that the maintenance work should be undertaken by somebody who has sufficient knowledge of the system.


Smoke Vents are a specialist piece of equipment so there is no doubt that it will require specialist maintenance to keep it in good working order all year round. Most of the time it is unlikely that your fire alarm service agreement will contain a comprehensive cover for your smoke ventilation system so it is very important that you make a quick check of this.

The service that smoke ventilation systems require is a specialist service because the equipment is specialist this requires that the maintenance should be specialist and done by professionals who have the right expertise in the industry. The best way to ensure this is by asking the company who originally installed the ventilation system as it is likely that these people will do all of the maintenance for you too. This will make it much more easier for a specialist to identify if there is any problem with the equipment and they should be able to fix any faults they discover immediately. Hiring just a regular technician may mean that they miss some of the faults with the system which could prove to be dangerous if a fire broke out and the ventilation system was not in perfect working order.

At Smoke Vent Solutions we provide servicing to all of our existing customers. All of our systems should adhere to BS7346: Part 1, BS9999:2008 BS5588 and The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) order 2005. Every site requires a service to be carried out by our trained engineers every 6 months to make sure that the systems are all still in proper working order.

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