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Saving Lives

Without Efficient Smoke Ventilation Systems being fitted to your building, you are putting your life and the lives of others at risk.

Having an effective smoke ventilation system which helps to clear smoke from main routes used to access and escape buildings is extremely important especially in apartment complex's where the main way of escape is through corridors. Ventilation systems can also be helpful with assisting firefighters and protecting the contents of the building from both smoke, fire and heat damage.

All builders and architects are required by law to meet stringent legal requirements (which will usually include installing Smoke ventilation systems),especially for the fire safety in multi storey buildings. Smoke ventilation is extremely vital when it comes to releasing harmful gases and smoke which builds up inside during the event of a fire. If this smoke builds up it can ultimately cause the building to collapse.

Extra Benefits

Ventilation systems must also keep buildings weather proof and provide security for the occupants living there against intruders or trespassers. This means using controllable smoke vents to prevent these kinds of things from happening. More recently smoke ventilation systems are being used as a means to help with natural ventilation to help reduce the carbon footprints of the residents within the building.

Once buildings have been fitted with ventilation systems they should be tested to assure that they are in working order and are certified before the building is handed over to new or existing occupants.

The regulations which are in effect in England and Wales are defined in the Approval Document B: Fire Safety of the Building Regulations Other important regulations for builders, building owners and designers are The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2006 and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

For residents in Scotland the safety of buildings is covered in the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005.

The builders should also provide the occupiers of the building with fire safety information which includes full details and instructions of the smoke ventilation system and how it works.

An essential part of a building is any hatches which can be accessed and smoke vents so they should be managed and installed with as much care as possible, as these systems can be lifesaving.

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